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A product to anchor rugs

Spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a new rug is painful enough without calculating in the added expense of a rug pad. But a loose rug can cause stumbles and falls. Wrinkles and shifts are annoying.

One local woman had enough. After nearly two years of research and development by chemists, chemical engineers and manufacturers, Addison resident Donna Hartley found the answer in Rug Anchor.

Rug Anchor, a clear liquid, is a permanent and powerful tacky film. Paint a 2-inch border on the bottom of your rug, let it dry and then place the rug back on the floor and it never slips again; it's that easy.

"It's like adding billions of microscopic suction cups. Even your vacuum cleaner won't pull your rugs out of position," Ms. Hartley says. But it's easy to move your rug when the time comes.

Rug Anchor can be used with rug pads, but apply it to the rug rather than the pads, which are too delicate for the formula.

The Rug Anchor formula doesn't ruin floors; we tried it on manufactured hardwoods and it left nothing behind. Ms. Hartley says it works on carpeting, too. It's not recommended for laminate floors, though. It is not flammable or asphyxiating, and is packaged and shipped from the local Goodwill Industries workshop, so helping your rugs also means helping the community.

Purchase Rug Anchor ($19.95 each) online at www.ruganchor.com.

Paige Phelps

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