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Rug Anchor Paves Way for Underlying Safety

Sliding rugs are not only an inconvenience, but hazardous. After two years of research, entrepreneur Donna Hartley developed Rug Anchor, a liquid, brush-on formula that coalesces and becomes a clear, powerful film that holds rugs in place. The rugs then stay in place, but can be easily lifted to clean or redecorate, without causing damage or leaving marks.

"When a two-inch strip of Rug Anchor is painted and dried on the borders of the undersides of rugs, they firmly grip all types of floors and carpeting. It's like adding billions of microscopic suction cups. Even your vacuum cleaner won't pull your rug out of position," explained Hartley. "And washing or dry cleaning is no problem either."

In addition to helping consumers address rug issues, Rug Anchor helps the Dallas community where it is produced. The product is packaged and shipped from Goodwill Industries, which employs individuals with special needs.

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